ChROnoScOpE WOrLd 2.11

New features of Chronoscope World


Chronoscope World is a time machine to explore the history of the world, browsing maps from the 13th until the 20th century. The new features of update 2.11 (Feb 2022) will be presented briefly on this page.


Chronoscope World 2.11 provdies access to 3,210 old maps. That’s nearly 50% more than a year ago in version 2.9.

User Interface


All toolbars can be hidden by pressing Alt Space – A 3 finger tap gesture does the same on mobile devices. This provides a clean view; for example to take screenshots.

Visited Maps

Visited maps at the History Bar
Visited maps are stored for a session and can be recalled: Press B (back) to open the table of visited maps. Press B again to reopen the previous map.

Multiple Maps

Segments at Main Bar
Some maps come in segments. Since Chronoscope 2.11 it is possible to display all segments simultaniously. Try it yourself with the Aletsch Glacier
Pressing the Segments button should open 5 overlapping map segments.
The maps are removed as soon as you open another map.
If you want to keep the map for a while – regardless of other map operations – you can pin the map.

ChronoCursor Context Menu

New plugins for Victoria’s secret menu:

More Info

Please fasten seat-belts and enjoy the timetravel: