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Alles ist Wechselwirkung –Alexander von Humboldt
Everything is Deeply Intertwingled –Ted Nelson

innovation + interaction design for culture projects

Sharing Heritage provides meaning about our present and cause for our future. Open cultural data – as collected and provided by the openGLAM movement (= galleries, libraries, archives, museums) – is a treasure trove of our human history and understanding of the universe. The Chrono Research Lab chooses a few of these cultural wells and republishes collections with new design and interactive interfaces.

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History projects about Hamburg | eculturehh

…wirklich faszinierend. –Denkmalverein Hamburg e.V. (2021)

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History projects with a global scope – roughly sorted old to new.

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From atoms to planets to stars

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The historic time rides provided by the Chrono Research Lab are a free service by Matthias Müller-Prove. On the other hand this means that I do have some expenses on traveling across centuries. You can support this trip by donating a little tip:

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