ChROnoScOpE WOrLd 2.9

New features of Chronoscope World


Chronoscope World is a time machine to explore the history of the world, browsing maps from the 13th until the 20th century. The new features of update 2.9 (Feb 2021) will be presented briefly on this page.


Chronoscope World 2.9 provdies access to 2,171 old maps. This are 600 more maps than in the previous version 2.8.

In addition, 1,966 maps by the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Library Hannover can be displayed. They have the signature LX and are disabled by default because they are only roughly located.

User Interface


The Main Bar offers functions to search for maps. The title of the current map can be clicked to center the old map. (keyboard shortcut H).

Chronoscope World 2.9 updates:

The Layout function (keyboard shortcut L) shows the outlines of all maps.

Random Rocket Flight – randomly selects a map.

GeoURL Input
Try it yourself with the Panthéon:
Use the context menu to copy the link with the coordinates (top right on the page) and paste it into the GeoURL dialog;
or arrange the windows to be able to drag’n’drop the coordinates link from Wikipedia [48°50'46"N 2°20'45"E] onto the Chronoscope.

The View Bar offers functions to change the background map, show the information layer, and adjasut the visibility of the old map.

Chronoscope World 2.9 updates:

Mountain View – shows a shaded relief for hills and the floor of the sea.
The option is only enabled for graphical modes, not for the satellite view.

Information Layer

The City Bar offers a chronological set of map for historical urban development.

Example: Rom

Here is a list of cities with this feature enabled: Chrono CityTour

History Bar

3 specific view positions can be remembered by clicking the stars. The data will be stored for just one day before the cookie will be invalidated.

The stars can be used to quickly switch between some maps to compare and inspect specific details.

Open the history table to see the sequence of visited maps.

Map Table

The Search function open the map table with the set of maps that best fit the current view.

Chronoscope World 2.9 update:

Victoria Menu

Click the ChronoCursor to open the Victoria Menu.

Chronoscope World 2.9 updates:

More Info

Please fasten seat-belts and enjoy the timetravel: