Release Notes Chronoscope Hamburg


System Requirements


A note for Chrome users: The Chronoscope requires WebGL, which is disabled by default in Chrome. In order to enable WebGL in Chrome, follow the steps below (Info via superuser: How can I enable WebGL in my browser?):

  1. Go to chrome://settings and Click the button+ Show advanced settings
  2. In the System section, enable Use hardware acceleration when available (You'll need to relaunch Chrome for any changes to take effect.)
  3. Then go to chrome://flags
  4. Ensure that WebGL Draft Extensions are enabled (You'll need to relaunch Chrome for any changes to take effect.)

Location Based Services

Release Notes Chronoscope 2 with Mapbox GL

Chronoscope 2

v2.4 – 15-Apr-2017

New Features

Improved Features

v2.3 – 18-Mar-2017

v2.2 – 5-Mar-2017

v2.1 – 4-Mar-2017

v 2.0 – 1-Mar-2017

Known Issues

Release Notes Chronoscope 1 with google maps

Chronoscope 1

v1.4 – 23-Feb-2017

v1.3 – 16-Feb-2017

v1.2 – 20-Nov-16

v1.1 – 4-Nov-16

chrono hyperlinks, victoria

v1.0 – 26-Nov-16

Chronoscope 1.0 is open source under an MIT License:
Chronoscope as WebApp for iPhone/iPad

beta 2 – 16-Oct-16

A map from 1867 has been rectified and added to the Chronoscope.

beta 1 – 12-Oct-16

User can switch between 3 maps.
railways only visible for 1905 (and 1867)
app icon

alpha – 9-Oct-2016

Shall it be called a minimal viable product (MVP)? Anyway – you can travel around Hamburg and trave through time. Please provide feedback to improve the Chronoscope Hamburg.

Known Issues

Operations Guide

[Deutsche Version]

Stuff you should know to have even more fun with the Chronoscope Hamburg.

The Chronoscope is based on Mapbox. Hence all navigation controls from Mapbox apply to the Chronoscope. In specific, the following actions are available:

mouse actions

trackpad actions

keyboard actions

secret feature

Support and Background Info

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