Learn how to use filters in Chronoscope World to focus on a specific area of interest.


  1. Intro
  2. Filter Maps
    1. Filter Maps by Time Frame
    2. Filter Maps by Scale
    3. Filter Maps by Text
    4. Filter Maps by Signature
  3. Import
  4. IIIF Maps & Books
  5. Release Notes

Show map outlines and filter maps (L) The Outline mode offers access to the filter settings.

Enable the Outlines and Filter mode now in the Chronoscope above or push the button

The Dark mode provides the best contrast between map outlines and the background map. But still, the amount of lines can be overwhelming. Therefore dynamic filters help to find the maps of interest.

Switch into Dark mode now

Top right is a current counter of available maps. The number of matching maps inside the current view is in square brackets. It is followed by the number of all fitting maps world-wide.

Filter Maps by Time Frame

Each map has a specific year assigned. Usually it is the year of publication. If a map shows an already historic event, the year of the depicted scenario is used.

Use the slider at the bottom of the screen to set a lower and upper time limit for the set of active maps.

The active area of the slider can be dragged right and left to shift the time frame though time. Use key right shift Y or left shift Y for a step forward or backwards.

Set time frame to plus/minus 10 years (Y) Use key Y to limit the time frame to plus/minus 10 years relative to selected map.


Filter Maps by Scale

The scale slider is at the left side of the screen. Use it to limit the range of maps to a specific scale – from continental maps at the top, to country, region, to urban, to districts, to architecture plans at the bottom. Two extra buttons accompany the scale slide:

All scales All scales
Fit scales to zoom level Fit scales to current zoom level. Key $

Filter Maps by Text

Set text filterThe text filter is a character string that must occur is the map’s title. Otherwise the map will be hidden.

Some tips to choose a successful querry:


Filter Maps by Signature

Each library or archive has a specific two letter signature to identify all of its maps. The Signature popup is used to show just the maps by a library or to hide maps by another;
for instance, 'HL' is the signature for maps provided by Harvard Libray.

The factory setting is No 'LX' maps because maps by Leibniz Library Hannover are not fully georeferenced. Only bounding boxes are available.

Reset Filters

Reset all filters (Alt X)Time frame, scale, text filter and signature will be reset by key Alt X

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