A Time Traveler’s Guide to Chronoscope World

Importing ChronoLinks
and Geo Coordinates


Learn how to import ChronoLinks and coordinats from other map services into Chronoscope World.

Import (V) The Import dialog is used to direct Chronoscope World to specific

Open the Import dialog now in the Chronoscope above.

Enter Coordinates

Enter geo coordinates in latitude longitude format. The textfield can convert N,E,S,W into north or south latidude, and into east or west longitude.


Copy ChronoLink
What is a ChronoLink?
ChronoLinks are hyperlinks that load an old map into the Chronoscope – specific view settings are applied as well. For example:

In this case the map ID is HH1657

Try to enter HL45981162

Enter GeoUrLs from other map services

Other map services like Google Maps or Microsoft’s Bing Maps use similar URL parameters to share locations. For example:

A google maps link looks like this:

Try to import the google maps link to Chronoscope World now.

Many articles in Wikipedia are georeferenced. That means that they offer coordinates for the location that is presented. Open the article on Liberty Island and try to import the coordinates link from top right of the page into the Chronoscope.


On Wikipedia, right-click the link 40°41′20″N 74°02′40″W and choose Copy Link. Import the link into Chronoscope.

Supported map services (among others):
OpenStreetMapOpenSeaMapgoogle MapsMicrosoft Bing MapsGeoPortal HamburgTomTom traffic infoGerman WikipediaWikipedia

Power user tip:
Everything that can be entered into the dialog can also be pasted directly into the main browser window. Use File > Paste or the keyboard shortcut Cmd V
Mind that the Chronoscope needs tp be active to receive the menu command. Click the map first.

It is also possible to drag’n’drop content into the window.

Learn how to import IIIF Maps & Books…

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