Gilibanta Island

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Some historical maps indicate that an vulcano eruption on Gilibanta Island has significantly reshaped the island after 1835.

Gilibanta vulcano index: 0604-051


today: Gilibanta ChronoLink – a concave shape

Gili Banta Anchorage, Indonesia /a drone flight 9/2018

Smithonian Global Vulcanism Program

Smithonian: Gilibanta:

The small island of Gilibanta was reported by a pilot to be destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1957, but the report has not been confirmed by scientific sources and is considered doubtful (Hantke, 1962). Ratman and Yasin (1978) map the island as a Quaternary volcano with a caldera open to the north forming Ouingke Bay.

All maps since 1943 show esentially the same concave shape of the island.

Gili Banta – Diving Between Bali and Komodo | Part II /Adelaar Blog 12-Aug-2016:

Here you’ll be diving inside a partially submerged volcano. There aren’t many places in the world where you can dive a volcanic cinder cone. Don’t worry; it is unlikely you’ll see any fireworks from eruptions because Gili Banta has been dormant since her last submarine eruption in 1957. But the nutrient rich substrate continues to feed a plethora of marine life that thrives in this type of environment.

Komodo National Park Indonesia:

The islands in Komodo National Park are volcanic in origin. The area is at the juncture of two continental plates: Sahul and Sunda. The friction of these two plates has led to large volcanic eruptions and caused the up-thrusting of coral reefs. Although there are no active volcanoes in the park, tremors from Gili Banta (last eruption 1957) and Gunung Sangeang Api (last eruption 1996) are common.

Chronoscope World Maps

1858: Gilibanta on HK0797 – a convex/round shape

1844: Gilibanta on HK1086 – a slim/concave shape


1834. Presumably a stage before an vulcano eruption that destroyed half the island –– if the map is accurate


1898 - 1907convex/round shape

1908convex/round shape



87) Celebes, Java via William Hacke: A Pirate’s Cartographer <1682

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