Mensch & Computer 2006 Taxonomien und Folksonomien – Tagging als neues HCI-Element

UPA Workshop 4b: Navigation und Suche auf der Usability Professionals 06, Gelsenkirchen 5.9.2006

Matthias Müller-Prove, David Weinberger

Matthias Müller-Prove und David Weinberger; Foto: Anne Groß

At 12:02 Uhr -0500 15.01.2007, David Weinberger wrote:


That's hilarious. I hope the slides were of some help. It would be fascinating to know how your presentation varied from mine, using the same slides.

Anyway, have a happy and peaceful new year.

David W.

At 18:15 Uhr +0100 15.01.2007, Matthias Mueller-Prove wrote:

well - I simply skipped every other slide - went like Powerpoint-Karaoke (you know this?)
no, just kidding.

I put emphasis on the user interface elements for tagging and tied it back to classical Greek taxonomy. Humans connected with computers can create and attach meaning to "virtual stuff" in a way that was not possible a decade ago. Quite thrilling. Maybe one of the most important intellectual spin-offs after hypertext as such.


At 16:31 Uhr -0500 15.01.2007, David Weinberger wrote:

Only every other slide made sense, so that was a good heuristic...if you started on the right slide :)

Yes, it is quite thrilling.


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