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A mindful treasure list of conversations and talks about culture and science

This collection of talks and conversations on culture and science should provide insights that are otherwise lost in the vastness of the world wide web. There is no specific order, but lots of implicit references among the ideas.
-Matthias mprove

Talks in English

  • 11 minutes
    Fiona Shaw talks about Nothing

    Rubin Museum of Art 2011

    Fiona Shaw at Oxford Union, 2019 (60 minutes)

    TheFionaShaw The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot /part 1
  • 31 minutes
    Wim Wenders: Painter, Filmmaker, Photographer

    Louisiana Channel 2014

    ArtTalk mit Wim Wenders (Podcast, 2012): ChronoLink
  • 75 minutes
    Brian Eno: What is Art actually for?

    AA School of Architecture 2016

    Brian Eno and Danny Hillis: White on White (3 minutes)
    Brian Eno 2018 on generative art (77 minutes) Peel Lecture - Brian Eno, 2015 (68 minutes)
  • 77 minutes
    Adele Goldberg & Dan Ingalls on SmallTalk and the innovatioon culture at Xerox PARC’s Learners Research Group, 2022

    Xerox Alto and Smalltalk
  • 70 minutes
    Alan Kay: Rethinking CS Education, 2015

    Alan Kay Media Centrer
  • 105 minutes
    Neil Postman: Informing ourselves to death, 1993

    (hosted by Alan Kay and Don Norman in the audience!)
  • 47 minutes
    Kurt Vonnegut at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, 2004

    The Shape of All Stories
  • 37 minutes
    Kirby Ferguson: Everything is a Remix Remastered, 2015

  • 44 minutes
    Lawrence Lessig: The Internet’s Coming Silent Spring

    at USENIX 2002


    FollowUp: How copyright filters lead to wage-theft
  • 44 minutes
    Andri Magnason: May you live in interesting times

    Bucerius Zukunftscamp 2014

  • 39 minutes John Oliver
    John Oliver on the rigor of laughter in these crazy political times

    The Philadelphia Citizen -Ideas We Should Steal- Festival, 2020

    Last Week Tonight LastWeekTonight | cf. Vint Cerf on March-20, 2020
  • 45 minutes Emily Maitlis
    Emily Maitlis: Boiling Frog – why we have to stop normalising the absurd in journalism

    MacTaggart Lecture at the Edinburgh International TV Festival, 2022

    maitlis /via Annette Dittert
  • 5 minutesMargaret Hamilton
    Margaret Hamilton, NASA’s first software engineer

    MAKERS 2017

    A similar portrait by the Computer History Museum (8 minues)
    Margaret Hamilton at ICSE 2018 (64 minutes)
    Robert Wills: Light Years Ahead | The 1969 Apollo Guidance Computer (80 minutes)
  • 59 minutes
    Hermann Maurer: Technological Dreams & Nightmares – An Outlook To The (Near) Future

    Shaping Interactive Knowledge for the 21st Century, Lübeck 2005

  • 38 minutes
    Kate Crawford: Rematerializing AI; CHI 2024 keynote

    Anatomy of AI, 2020
  • 4 minutes
    Hans Rosling: 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

    More Hans Rosling at TED
  • 45 minutes
    Thomas Madsen-Mygdal on Reboot’ing
    Raum Schiff Erde 2010

  • 2 minutes
    Steve Jobs: Secrets of Life 1994
  • 68 minutes
    Christopher Alexander: Patterns in Architecture
    at OOPSLA 1996

    Elements of Style
    Christopher Alexander - Life in Buildings, interview 2008
  • 62 minutes
    Bill Verplank’s keynote at interaction 11
    , 2011

    Bill Verplank Sketching Metaphors 2008 /photo set
  • 7 minutes
    Ivan Sutherland’s closing remarks at Hyperkult XX
    , 2011

    The Art of Engineering | Leadership | Fun
  • 53 minutes
    Barbara Hannigan interviewed by Sarah Willis: Performing and Music Communication, 2013

    Masterclass with Barbara Hannigan
    (90 minutes conversation), 17-May-2021

    HanniganBarbara More Hannigan videos
    sarahwillis Sarah´s Horn Hangouts
  • 60 minutes
    John Neumeier:
    Moving People – Dance As A Living Shape Of Emotion

    2015 Kyoto Prize Commemorative Lecture by the Laureate in Arts and Philosophy John Neumeier, director of the Hamburg Ballet:
    sentiments on the philosophy of ballet start at minute 35

    Neumeier Dances
    John R. Johnson’s photos of John Neumeier Ballets
  • And more good stuff_

    Vorträge auf Deutsch

    50 Minuten
    Piet Vroon Drei Hirne im Kopf 1993

    Ein Radio-Feature von Mechthild Müser

    Piet Vroon legacy on youtube
    56 Minuten
    Jörg Pflüger: Alles ist möglich

    Hyperkult, Lüneburg 2011

    /via HyperKult HyperArchive

    /cf. Walter Lewin: Any measurement that you make without any knowledge on its uncertainty is completeley meaningless.
    92 Minuten
    Expertise unter Druck - Symposium mit Christian Drosten, Alena Buyx und Carsten Brosda

    Hamburg 2024
    Es geht um Wissenschaft, Wissenschaftskommunikation und Politik & Gesellschaft (nach der Covid-Krise; aber eben nur exemplarisch.)

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