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I’ve been a "senior software development product manager" and "user experience principal" at Oracle. Due to the acquisition of Sun, I am also the "last user experience architect of Sun Microsystems ever". Here are a few resources that I find extremeley relevant and inspiring in order to position a design team in an organization and to develop a strategy for the business.

Ten Bellies and No Brain /2015

Ivan Sutherland on Leadership /2006

The Maryland Way by Ben Shneiderman /1993

All my engagements I will construe to thee /2014

Resources on the idea of innovation /2016

Usability im Unternehmen, Kapitel 4 aus Usability Praktisch Umsetzen, Hanser 2003

Dr. Gerhard Wohland: Kulturbeobachtung – ein Element dynamikrobuster Höchstleistung /2007

Professional Usability in Open Source Projects /2004

AskTog: Designers as Architects /1998

Mind the Gap! Software Engineers and Interaction Architects /2003

Projektmanagement: Wie etabliert man ein Projekt? /2014

Gute Gestaltung - Made in Hamburg /2015

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