design roots @mprove

If we do not know where we ar coming from, we do not know where we are heading.

Human Computer Interaction

Vision and Reality of Hypertext and Graphical User Interfaces /2002

A Personal Computer for Children of All Ages by Alan Kay /1972

Back to the Future – The Way to a Personal Dynamic Medium for Creative Thought at reboot7 /2005

The Interface of Kai Krause’s Software /1999

Dueling Interaction Models of Personal-Computing and Web-Computing at reboot9, at MEDICHI /2007

60 Jahre nach Memex: Über die Unvereinbarkeit von Desktop- und Web-Paradigma /2005

Co-Evolution of Humans and Tools at reboot11 /2009

Desktop and Web – Media for Creative Thought – At Least Sometimes /2009

Cover: Powerpoint
Slideware. Kommunikationsmedium zwischen Redner und Publikum, Kapitel 2 aus Powerpoint, Fischer 2009

Informatik Museum /photo set 2015


Interaction Design trifft bauhaus100

Cedric Ebener: Raum als Interface /mediale 2013

Resources on Patterns

Dransfeld Architekturphotographie 1913 - 1931 /Online Gallery 2017

Chronoscope Hamburg 1590 - 1937 /WebApp 2016-17