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If we do not know where we ar coming from, we do not know where we are heading.

Vision and Reality of Hypertext and Graphical User Interfaces /2002

A Personal Computer for Children of All Ages by Alan Kay /1972

Back to the Future – The Way to a Personal Dynamic Medium for Creative Thought at reboot7 /2005

The Interface of Kai Krause’s Software /1999

Dueling Interaction Models of Personal-Computing and Web-Computing at reboot9, at MEDICHI /2007

60 Jahre nach Memex: Über die Unvereinbarkeit von Desktop- und Web-Paradigma /2005

Co-Evolution of Humans and Tools at reboot11 /2009

Desktop and Web – Media for Creative Thought – At Least Sometimes /2009

Cover: Powerpoint
Slideware. Kommunikationsmedium zwischen Redner und Publikum, Kapitel 2 aus Powerpoint, Fischer 2009

Informatik Museum /photo set 2015