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Interaction Design is means to a great user experience. The intimate relation between humans and machines can foster creative insights and establish a strong brand.

DIN SPEC 91328: Ressourcenschonende Anwendung von Methoden und Werkzeugen zur menschenzentrierten Gestaltung gebrauchstauglicher interaktiver IT-Systeme /2016

A nearly one page summary of design rules by Jef Raskin /2002

Principles of IxD by Tog /2014

A Brief Chronology of the Chronoscope Universe /2018

Patterns ::

Back to Childhood – Infantilisation of UI Design /2011

Zurück in die Kindheit – Infantilisierung im UI Design /2011, 2012

adc - app design critique /2015

Principles of IxD ::

ICON 5 Seiten /1995

Interaktionsdesign mit Wireframes /2013, 2012, 2011

Musings & Ponderings Blog: User Experience & HCI Design

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As Noted App – The simple and powerful personal note taking environment.

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