A note on facebook

Since fb has demonstrated that they do not trust my identity by locking down my facebook account, I do not see the point to support fb by any means.

Obviously my fb profile got flagged. Therefore I was asked upload some identity documents that prove that my name is MProve. Well, in fact it is not – but I am not hiding anything and I link to my website's impressum that states my legal family name. I take all this as a matter of principle.

So be it. I've scanned and submitted my international certificate of birth that clearly states my name and day of birth.

The attempt to prove that I am I failed w/o a reason given by fb. Let's see if fb is able to explain why they do not accept this document although they give birth certificates as an example of valid governemt ID documents.

Please have a look at this article on wired for more insights: Help, I’m Trapped in Facebook’s Absurd Pseudonym Purgatory. Furthermore

This situation is a wonderful example how easy it is for a company to destroy the loyal relation between them and a user or customer. If fb does not believe in my identity – why should I? Why should I spend my time to contribute my attention and content to their eco-system? It feels good to delete the fb app and fb messenger apps from my mobile devices!

In the end I will keep my profile up. On the other hand, I will be even more hesitant to spend or waste my enery on fb, or recommend any of there services to my clients or students. Point proven – customer loyality is a fragile thing.

Good Night and Good Luck
Matthias MProve


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