OOoCon 2007 On-Site Requirements Engineering for Conference 2007, Sep 19-21, Barcelona

Matthias Müller-Prove, Christian Jansen (Sun Microsystems GmbH)
Sabine Özalp (VBG)
Ronald Hartwig, Maren Mäuselein (User Interface Design GmbH)


The user experience project ( started in January 2007 with the intention to improve the usefulness and usability of for our users. Therefore we need to learn and understand how is actually used. We took the opportunity to meet with employees of VBG (a large accident insurance company in Germany which migrated to Linux and and conducted several workshops to gain unfiltered insights into real life working contexts. The requirements engineering was done using a synergy effect with a parallel usability project between VBG and UID, in which more than 200 on-site interviews were done and served as initial input for our research.


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On-Site Requirements Engineering for from Matthias Mueller-Prove

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