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Activity Streams are an extension to Atom feed format to add info about actor and verb to the feed, i.e. who-does-what. This makes it possible to just subscribe to certain activities of the originator or a feed, and filter just for the activities of interest.


To a certain extend an icon that indicates an Activity Stream-enhanced RSS feed competes with the very well established RSS icon. Hence it is not an easy task to propose such an icon. No reason not to try it anyway:

If you do not spot it at once I failed. But here is a hint: Look for 16x16 pixels bottom right.

Each icon is a visual abstraction of a concept or idea. The idea behind my waves are an electroencephalogram (EEG) or seismograph, that tracks several sensors. Each for a special aspect of the observed body. You can also see it as a river, where the user from the shoreline can scoop out some information of interest.

Why green? Green is bio and bio is life. And green is not orange.

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Icons To Go

16x16 42x42 with 1 pixel transparent frame
#3 - blue is also not orange
#2 - draft, do not use

The lines are based on the 'almost equal to' charachter of the font Bitstream Vera Sans. But Helvetica works as well if you move the lines a bit together. To me it is important that the left and right edges look straight cut. Many other fonts have more brush-like narrow ends.