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The Future of Text

London, 30-Oct-2013

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The Future of Text 2013

30-Oct-2013 at the London College of Communication

Before we can look at the future of text we need to take a step back and try to unlearn, to un-culture ourselves of the current way of doing symbolic notation we are living in and with.
The present is only one possible outcome of the past - what other useful outcomes could there have been? What can we learn if we manage to think fresh and what lessons of remote history is relevant for today?

Ted Nelson

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The Future of Text 2012

11-Nov-2012 at the British Library, London


The Future of Text 2011

22-Sep-2011 at the British Library, London

[The original announcement] Join us for a series of 5-minute presentations followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with internet pioneers Vint Cerf, father of the internet, Ted Nelson, who coined the term hypertext, Tom Standage, author and Editor of Economist Online and Keith Martin, Senior Lecturer at LCC, author and MacUser Technical Editor, along with Luke McKernan, Matthew Shaw, Adam Farquhar, Helen Hockx-Yu and Lee-Ann Coleman.
Nearly half a century ago the humble “text” acquired a prefix: “hyper”, heralding the advent of a digital revolution that would see a historic shift in the way the written word would function as an information and communication medium. This hypertextual inter-connectedness has transformed the way in which we employ text to communicate, and accelerated the processing and exchange of information. Staying abreast of the opportunities and challenges that this constantly evolving medium offers the scholarly community is at the centre of the British Library’s work.
This event sponsored by liquid.info and the British Library Digital Research & Curation Team, brings together a diverse panel drawn from within the library as well as external thinkers to discuss how text is continuing to evolve in form and function in the digital age, and how this impacts the way we will absorb, create, share and preserve information in the future.

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The Future of Text at the British Library 22 Sept 20011 from Frode Hegland.


Ted Nelson References: Video interview with Ted Nelson on The Future of Text


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