Thinking about Design Thinking

This collection comes up when a designer thinks about Design Thinking:


CeBIT 2015: Ten Bellies and no Brain

Martin Wezowski, Jan Jursa, and Matthias Müller-Prove met before sunset at CeBIT’15 – talking about the user experience culture (change) in large corporations.


SxSW 2015: Design in Tech

John Maeda presents the 2015 Design in Tech Report


SMWHH 2014: Designing the Unfair Advantage

Jeremy Tai Abbett at Social Media Week Hamburg (you need an account to watch the video)


DTCampHH 2013: Apple does not do Design Thinking

A quick comparison between Design Thinking Principles (/via DTCamp photo gallery) and Apple reveals:

Design Thinking Apple
Fail early and often …but just internally.
Leave titles at the door Do not come in if you do not contribute to the meeting.
There are no good ideas Either it sucks or it is insanely great.
Do! Don't talk.
Build on ideas of others Yes, but turn them into something insanely great.
The quantity is it. The quality is it.
Avoid criticism. "This is shit"
Stay focussed. Stay hungry.
Dare to be wild! Stay foolish.
Think human centered. Think details oriented.
Be visual.
Let's have Fun. Never take the same elevator with Steve. You might get fired.

voilá: Apple does not do Design Thinking. Nonetheless, Apple products are still best of breed. /via

With this table, I just wanted to put things into perspective. Neither Design Thinking nor Apple's is the right way. It is always negotiating and building a corporate or team culture with people. For instance, nobody does SCRUM by the book. I suspect that Design Thinking has several flavors as well. And nobody will be successful by simply copying certain attitudes from Apple.

core77: Rethinking Design Thinking

Rethinking Design Thinking by Don Norman at core 77, 2013

CreativityJam 2013

Recipe for Creativity à la mprove at Creativity Jam 2013

Design Studio

Design Studio Methodology, Todd Zaki Warfel, 2013


UXCampHH 2012: Design oder Design Thinking

James Kalbach, Stephan Raimer, Klaus Martin Meyer und Matthias Müller-Prove unterhielten sich während des User Experience Camp Hamburg 2012 über Design und Design Thinking.


uxHH Roundtable 7/12: Business Model Design for Designers

More and more it is critical for companies to approach business model development creatively. Thebusiness model canvas is a tool created to do just that. But it's not just for managers: designers can also be involved in inventing and testing new business models, leveraging our creativity and exploration skills. /by James Kalbach



Bill Buxton 2008: Design Thinking in the Wild

Design Thinking in the Wild from mprove on Vimeo.

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