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Page Job Talk w/ Minjoo Cho (INDEED)

Creative Interaction Technologist Minjoo Cho

inspire customers / inspire colleagues

1 show case AI project/y

INDEED fireside chat 2018

Ray Davis (The Mill)

ODD one out - forward trailer movie, making of the black CG panther

Barnaby Churchill Steel (Marshmallow Laser Feast)


projection mapping for ads > living rooms and smartphones

Ocean of Air

Barnaby Churchill Steel – Making the Invisible Visible

Michael Jonas

AI generated lanscapes

AI generated fashion / people /by DazaGrid

AI generated faces |

David Carson

…at some point in your career you can show anything in a presentation. This is me surfing in the carebean. Oh, here is a close-up…

Would you do your current job also for no money?

Do not use the default values provided by the software. You are the designer, not the software. Only use all caps flush left for headlines if you do not wonna be read.


arabia center – art in large screens



Bauhaus Fonts > Media Fassade Reeperbahn

David Vogel

future office for Siemens

Erica Dorn

lead designer for Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson | 10min peview

Nicer Tuesdays: Erica Dorn


Kommunikation für Theater

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