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One of the trials is about ships from Hamburg:

Three large ships (The Salvador, the Sampson and the Saint George), of supposed Lubeck and Hamburg build and ownership, were captured by the English in 1652 with highly valuable cargos of silver bullion.
The ships were on their way from Cadiz with bullion from the Spanish West Indies going northwards. It was disputed in the English Admiralty Court as to whether the ships were bound legally for the Spanish Netherlands, or illegally for Amsterdam. /via

The documents and files for this case are scanned and trascribed by the Marine Lives Project. They provide insights into the lives of the seamen and the trade economics of the 17th century.

The question is whether it makes sense (possible and feasable) to build a link between Hamburg as it is depicted in MarineLives and the Chronoscope Hamburg showing the year 1694.

8-Dec-2016: I declare temporary victory. 60 mariners and merchants are mapped on the Chronoscope Hamburg v1.2.

19-Mar-2018: 60 mariners and merchants are mapped on the Chronoscope 2.5 Hamburg.

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pages time "hamb" count comment
HCS 13/63 226 27: Marty 1650 3 republished here: 11-Jun-2017
HCS 13/64 20 22nd Novembris 1650 0 republished here: 25-Nov-2016
HCA 13/124 378 Ultimo Novembris 1650 6 republished here: 9-Dec-2016
HCS 13/65 287 7yj July 1651 62 republished here: 25-Nov-2016
HCA_13-66-69_Silver 542 10th of November 1652 325 The Three Silver Ships.
republished here: 24-Nov-2016
properly sorted by time?
HCA 3/46 306 Satterday the 4th day of March 1653 0 republished here: 9-Dec-2016
HCS 13/68 1401 The 22th day of September 1653 998 republished here: 24-Nov-2016
cf. list of Hamburg folks
HCA 13/127 36 23 January 1654 1 republished here: 25-Nov-2016
HCS 13/69 20 7:th of Aprill 1654 11 republished here: 24-Nov-2016
HCS 13/70 1511 The fourth of September 1654 367 be patient, 20MB need some time to render
HCA 13/71 1366 The eleaventh of ffebruary 1655 47 republished here: 25-Nov-2016
HCA 3/47 306 Tuesdat the thyrd day of June 1656 0 republished here: 9-Dec-2016
What a amrvelous layout!
HCA 13/72 1329 The first day of March 1657 17 republished here: 8-Dec-2016
HCA 13/73 1329 The day of January 1658 67 republished here: 8-Dec-2016
HCA 13/74 4
HCA 13/76 273 16th Augusti 1666 59 republished here: 9-Dec-2016


hee saith shipp

The entire HCA Volume No.70 put into wordle – I hope wordle can cope with the amount of text.


A few marvelous quotes_

To the first he saith he comes to be a witnes in this cause by the advise and direction of Mr ffrancklin one of the Proctors of this Court. and saith he hath noe share or Interest in the sayd shipp or goods nor eyther or any of them, and was a Passenger aboard the ''Saint John'', but not of the shipps Companie, and further cannot depose. To the second he saith he can both write and read written hand, and speaketh the ordinary tongue of Hamburgh being a dialect or kind of dutch and further cannot depose, saving that he understandeth the dutch tongue. –HCA13/68 f.172r

This deponent saith and deposeth that the sayd vanTrump (sic) after he had surprized both the sayd shipps the ''Harry Bonadventure'' and the ''Saint Peter'' of the sight and observacion of this deponent struck his flagg three tymes and saluted the Towne with 5 or 7 gunnes, which thing according to the common interpretation of such actions and as this deponent beleiveth were by him done in token of his respect and thankfullness to the sayd Towne and Governors. –HCA 13/68 f.132v

Two barrells of Tarr, one barrell of Pitok worth two pounds sixteene shillings skillette Potts and Panns and other things worth sixe pounds, two flaggs and Lanthornes and compasses and howerglasses worth five pounds, Candles lampes two barrells of Hamborough biskuits,… –HCA 13/68 f.509r

To the fifth hee saith that the frigot of the said Leonard Barnet that seized him had the English flagg up when shee met him but with some difference[?s], namely shee had a redd flagg, with a crosse in the corner, only there were the picture of three towers in the middle of the redd flagge, like the towers given in the hamburgh flagg, soe that this deponent did not knowe but yet thought that hee was an Englishman, and saith the said shipp the ''Peter'' being neere the ffrench coast and making for the land neere [?Briach]. –HCA 13/70 f.49v

Mapping Hamburg’s Residents


[8 Dec 2016]

[7 Dec 2016 experimental feature] All residents are marked on the map of 1694.

[4 Dec 2016 experimental feature] All streets are marked on the map of 1694.

[24/25 Nov 2016]

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