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A classic book in architecture is A Pattern Language, by Christopher Alexander; – a classic in software design is Design Patterns, by Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides.
Patterns and pattern languages have proven to be an excellent way to capture design and implementation expertise, to describe the design of a software system, and to specify design guidelines. Over the past decade, the use of patterns and pattern languages has grown significantly, and a community of practice for writing patterns has matured with conferences, writers' workshops, shepherding, and a series of books. – Richard P. Gabriel

This page is a lose collection of web references into the vast field of patterns. At least ist was in 2004. My desperate wish for web authors would be to follow a bit more the pattern "keep it up and don’t mess around with the URLs". Thus, I had to delete many links because the pages are no longer available. In addition, the field has evolved even futher. I hope that the current state of this page is still useful. /mprove, Sep 2015

Patterns in General

Christopher Alexander at ACM OOPSLA 1996 [video 1h 03']

Elements of Style by Christopher Alexander

Richard P. Gabriel's Dreamsongs

Growing a Language, by Guy Steele at OOPSLA 1998

User Experience Engineering oder What’s Love Got To Do With It? /by mprove, 2006 in Deutsch

Don’t Write Guidelines – Write Patterns! Richard N Griffiths, Lyn Pemberton. University of Brighton, Brighton, UK

Pattern Language 3.0 and Fundamental Behavioral Properties by Takashi Iba, 2015

Raum Schiff Erde 2016 – Living Sustainable Patterns in Deutsch

A Few Pattern Languages

A Pattern Language for Writers' Workshops /by James O. Coplien, 1997

A Pattern Language for Textual Electronic Communications /by Ron Goldman, Joshua Kerievsky, and Richard P. Gabriel

Identify the Champion

  • An Organisational Pattern Language for Programme Committees by Oscar Nierstrasz :: PDF

Liberating Voices Pattern Language – A Pattern Language for Communication Revolution, e.g.:

Data Patterns – a pattern language of structures in data /by Jakob Voss

Software Design Patterns

The Hillside Group offers a Library of Pattern Languages

Portland Patterns Repository

HCI Patterns

HCI, the homepage of people interested in pattern languages in human-computer interaction (HCI) and user interface design and the IFIP TC13 HCI Patterns Task Group. Here is also a Library of Pattern Languages.

Sally Fincher's Pattern Gallery

Tom Erickson's Interaction Design Patterns Page

Jan Borchers: Publications

Lingua Francas for design: sacred places and pattern languages. Symposium on Designing Interactive Systems. conference on Designing interactive systems 2000

An Introduction to Using Patterns in Web Design by Ryan Singer (37signals), 2004

Large Scale Interaction Pattern Library bei Otto /von Wolf Brünning, 2013 in Deutsch

Rainer Gibbert’s patterns for mobile navigation systems in Deutsch

factoryjoe on flickr: Screen shots of typical web idoms

A Few Interaction Design Pattern Languages

Yahoo! Design Pattern Library

Common Ground: A Pattern Language for Human-Computer Interface Design. Jenifer Tidwell

A Pattern Library for Interaction Design /by Martijn van Welie

Todd Coram und Jim Lee: Experiences -- A Pattern Language for User Interface Design

Web Design Patterns /by M. van Welie

[A Social Software Pattern Language, mprove Jan 2009, Apr 2011 /draft and offline.]

Dark Pattern - Usafe by Design /via uxHH Roundtable 3/2022 in Deutsch


Map UI Patterns

Usability Patterns für Geo-Anwendungen in Deutsch

Behavioral Patterns

Berathek – Methoden für UX & Interaction Designer

Sebastian Deterding: Hacking Shyness – Designing Social Interaction, 2014 – 11 principles to overcome shyness and embarrassment and a massive thumb wrestling excercise

Positive User eXperience Patterns des Kompetenzzentrum Usability /via uxHH Roundtable 3/2022 in Deutsch

Patterns of Change

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