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Innovation is a term that is overused but not very well understood. In my opinion, you can neither do innovation nor be innovative. But there might be some behavioral patterns that foster innovative products. Yet, these pattern need to be discovered.

First and foremost, there is a distinction between invention and innovation. Inventions are something new. In addition, innovation is something new which is successful in the market.

On this page I would like to collect a few resources, that shed light into the ideas of innovation.

Ivan Sutherland on the lucky knight Sir Endipity: The Art of Engineering and the Engineering of Art – check at 1:11:20
Christopher Alexander on Communal Eating (A Pattern Language #147)
Sarah Kaplan: diversity is not sufficient. Deep knowledge is significant for innovative brainstorming
Research Lab Culture
Alan Kay: 5 Steps To Re-create Xerox PARC's Design Magic (From The Guy Who Helped Make It)
–––––: What made Xerox PARC special? Who else today is like them?
–––––: What did ARPA-IPTO / PARC learn about how to do good problem-finding?
Adele Goldberg & Dan Ingalls: Computer History Museum Live: Making Smalltalk
Ben Shneiderman: Supporting the Process of Innovation – The Maryland Way
Mike Gadsby: Do Innovation Labs Live Up to the Hype? UXBooth 9/15
Kai Krause 2005 /via: "Innovation braucht besondere Lebensbedingungen. Aber kaum jemand scheint sich die Zeit und die Muße dafür nehmen zu wollen, diese zu kreieren."
Carrot Theory of Innovation
Ivan Sutherland (once again) on the Carrot Theory of Innovation: An Evening with Ivan Sutherland: »Research and Fun« at the Computer History Museum, 2005 – look for 'carrot' in the transcript
Corporate Culture
Prof. Peter Kruse über Kreativität und Firmenkultur
Andy Bechtolsheim: The Process of Innovation - Stanford Engineering Hero Lecture /2012
Some quotes: The time from invention to innovation… / It is harder to work on innovation in large companies… / It is risky to work on something where the ROI is behind the time horizon / Apple, Google, Amazon's innovation strategy… / Culture of innovation + Attention to Front-end + Avoid the horizon effect + Appropiate risk profile + Focus / All these things have to do with usability and user friendlyness
Nancy Birkhölzer, Reto Wettach (IXDS labs): Designing the tools for New Work /2016
How to run a successful Innovation Center - Experiences and Best Practices - Open House SAP Potsdam
Rainhold Bauer: Gescheiterte Innovationen. Fehlschläge und technologischer Wandel, Campus 2006
[Paywall] Gut gemeint ist schlecht erfunden, DIE ZEIT 27.05.2004 Nr.23
The Long Nose of Innovation
Bill Buxtons Long Nose of Innovation
Bill Buxton: Designing in the Wild /2008
Steve Jobs On The Idea Disease
open source
Ron Goldman, Richard P. Gabriel: Innovation Happens Elsewhere
communication paradox
J. Yellowless Douglas: Something from Nothing: The Paradoxes and Challenges of Communicating Innovation /2014

Now it becomes recursive because I've created this page to share some links with Jenni in preparation for her invited talk at Raum Schiff Erde 2016:

The pattern of innovation
Jenni Schwanenberg: Welchem Muster folgt Innovation? /RSE16

And a couple of more resources_
Design Fiction
Jörg Jelden: Wieso man Produkte entwickelt, die keiner kaufen soll
Predicting the future 7 year ago: Jesse Schell: Visions of the Gamepocalypse, LongNow 7/02010
Hertje Brodersen: Not So Smart Now: Clumsy Collaboration Creates Dull Services /2017
New Work Anti Patterns
Chunka Mui: Doug Engelbart’s ABC model of innovation /Forbes 2017
Apple iPod product development chronology
Most Innovation Strategies aren’t strategies. Or innovative. Thom Hollis
From the Known Knowns to the Unknown Unknowns by Elizabeth Merritt, 2021


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