RSE Serendipity 2.0

Reflections of RSE16

Do you know this feeling? Being hit by a U.F.O.? Hijacked into a flying saucer and being spilled out somewhere between Reeperbahn and Elbe? – It happened to me. It’s all true. It takes a while to realize what has happened. My U.F.O. was called R.S.E., something like room – ship – earth.

My mind is blurred. I cannot think clearly at the moment, but it was a cool ride. Nothing like Star Wars or Star Trek. Much more like my grandparent’s living room. Who says that spaceships need to be made out of chrome and steel? Ours was more like an old Whiskey store house with lamps and cozy sofas long out of fashion.

„Captain, wir haben da ’was auf dem Schirm.“

What a strange language. What a rusty voice. What a weird screen. This is definitely created by an intelligent life form from outer space.

„Wir sind auf der Suche nach Living Sustainable Patterns.

By Grabthar’s Hammer – this is a quest! I am part of a mission to explore life forms on new worlds and new civilizations, zillions of unknown and beautiful patterns waiting to be discovered…

A yellow striped line divides the bridge into two triangular areas. A map is hanging on the wall in the back. The legend reads, “Das Morgenland” – I am relieved, they know where they are heading, we’ll travel into the future! Next to the map is a translucent window, providing a view onto another translucent window, providing a view onto another brick in the wall. Obviously an inception level monitor. The two triangles meet in the far distance at a black pedestal. Blue light. What does it do? It turns blue; emitting blue photons into the room. Maybe a flux capacitor. All engines go for liftoff.

Lampe an!

Yeah, let’s kick it off. I am dreaming of… a timeless way of building, people dancing in the street along mesmerizing audio patternssad surfaces of a sick planetshimmering fireflies and Franzbrötchentwirling trianglesmoving algorithms, and the sound of the universeVan Gogh watching out of his window at St. Paul’s Hospital down the black’n’yellow Reeperbahn of St. Pauli. The Infinite Improbability Drive is roaring. Serendipity level entering the red zone. My heart is a galaxy.

Wet pavement under gray clouds somewhere between Reeperbahn and Elbe. A dream within a dream before tomorrow a new day begins.

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