Sharing is Caring Hamburg Extension

Hamburg 20/21 Apr 2017

Keynotes at MKG’s Spiegelsaal

Workshop Sessions 1

WS: CC Change Your Mind

Ellen Euler

WS: Reuse of Cultural Herritage

Nora Al-Badri, Jan Nikolai Nelles, Sarah Powell

WS: Content Production for Learning

Douglas McCarthy, Friederike Fankhänel

WS: Building Bridges

Helene Hahn, Philipp Geisler

Prototyping the Fernsichtbrücke by Fritz Schumacher, photos by Carl Dransfeld, Hamburg 1927

The Chronoscope Hamburg was developed at the hackathon Coding da Vinci Nord. Visit the workshop Building Bridges Between Cultural Institutions and Tech Communities by Helene Hahn and Philipp Geisler to meet the software designer and developers of some projects and to discuss learnings from organizing a cultural hackathon like Coding da Vinci Nord.



Workshop Sessions 2

WS: Crowdsourcing

Nicole Graf

WS: Interacting and Socializing with Cultural Media

Mar Dixon

WS: Economies of Sharing

Georg Hohmann, Gertraud Koch, Mareike Schumacher

WS: Open Access

Karin Glasemann, Antje Theise



Museen wohnen auf der Venus und Apps auf dem Mars.

Chrono Venues

Check the Chronoscope Hamburg for the locations of the conference.
Reception at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, 20 Apr 2017: chrono link

Main Conference at University of Hamburg, ESA-West, 21 Apr 2017:

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