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poem kick-off conference Hamburg, 13/14 Dec 2018

A pre-conf thread on the openness of instagram:

mprove: Why do you wonna feed the silos? (just asking) #instafail

[on the Web as pop culture] Pop culture lives in the present; it doesn’t really live in the future or want to know about great ideas from the past. – Alan Kay (2007)

…photography is more alive than ever, and at the same time it’s more dead than ever. – Wim Wenders (BBC 2018)

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. – Albert Einstein

Susanna Ånäs (Open Knowledge Foundation Finland and Wikimedia, Finland) Wiki documentaries – a micro history wiki for citizen historians. Slides

Reflections 2021

Franziska Mucha’s PhD: Co-creative events for engagement with digital cultural heritage collections. 2022

market place in Kairouan, August Macke 1914

Culture and Computing. Design Thinking and Cultural Computing: 9th International Conference C&C 2021: (p.241):

Moreover, I would like to thank Matthias Müller-Prove for his valuable comments on the concept of this panel and the abstracts of the three contrinutions of the three POEM fellows: Cassandra Kist & Quoc-Tan Tran, Jennifer Kruekeberg, and Angeliki Tzouganatou. Matthias Müller-Prove comments though the lens of an HCI specialist was a great inspiration for the reflection of the concepts and analytical approaches.

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