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An interface is about hiding complexity from the user.
It's about guiding a process, without cognitive understanding
of what goes on beneath.
Interface design is the art of enveloping the observer
in an enticing, “try this” exploration with ever-new elements and designs
as the tools to triumph in new territories.
Kai Krause, 1996

Companies come and go. Nevertheless, the creative people behind have not retired.
Since 2003, this page assembles some insights to the latest projects of Kai Krause and his companions (in no specific order).

Kai Krause


Frax | | cnet | Frax on app-design-critique

Kai Krause on edge

Wikipedia on Kai Krause

Burg Rheineck 1108-1852 | Illustration 1875 | Illustration der Torseite | Von dem alten Schloß ist nur noch ein zerfallener Thurm vorhanden… | Illustration vom Garten 1840 | #Rheineck bei der UB Düsseldorf


Byteburg in Bad Breisig

Eric Wenger

U&I software

Kai Krause on ArtMatic: power ohne Ende und ohne Anfang. Absurd wie Eric das immer hinkriegt.

Eric Wenger, le magazine video des arts graphiques & visuels - 3 part video interview

Visit my art gallery with some images created with ArtMatic and ArtMatic Voyager

MetaSynth 5 discussed on

Eric on facebook

ArtMatic 3 screenshot

Kai Gradert

Phil Clevenger

Cooperating Systems

LittleKai demonstrated the system HelloWorld to me and I am deeply impressed. CoSi has released a beta version of HelloWorld for Windows.

Someone else is also very impressed: «What you have is the most interesting thing I’ve seen in ages. Something like this with a company behind it should do very well. I’m certainly going to be looking forward to it on my Macintosh ... Congratulations on this product.» – Steve Wozniak, January 25, 2003

Kai moved on to(&off) google while Phil joined Adobe Systems.

HelloWorld screenshot

Phil Clevenger

Adobe Systems

Adobe Labs: Project Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

Kai Gradert (again)

DotSpots is a semantic annotation system that brings the wisdom of crowds to every meme (block of text) on the web, and leverages automatic semantic matching to distribute each contribution to every instance of that meme across the web.

Joseph Linaschke


Joseph Linaschke - Photographer

Andy Bearsley
Matt Fox-Wilson
Mike Van Bokhoven

ambient design


Ambient Design

Michael Herf

Robert Bailey

Picasa, an image browser for Windows (Oct 2002)

little chat about Picasa on Camera Lucida

Picasa screenshot

John Wilczak

New MetaTools

MetaSquares for MacOS X and iPhone

MetaSquares screenshot

Marc Keohane Katherine Howard

Smith Micro

the new home of Poser

Larry Weinberg

Ghost Effects, Inc.

Ben Weiss

shell&slate software

Ben Weiss on friendfeed

Frax | | cnet

Blaise Agüera y Arcas, Ben Weiss, Ian Gilman


Seadragon™ by SandCodex was acquired by Microsoft in 2006

Blaise Agüera y Arcas: How PhotoSynth can connect the world's images

Today Blaise is architect at google /2016 – cf. TED 2016: How computers are learning to be creative


Ian Gilman


Eric Yee


Scott Kim


Shuffle Brain

Dean Douger

Javier Roca

Mark Zimmer


working on Core Image, see also macnn: Apple patent: OS X Leopard may introduce Live Desktop

Before the he was at

Computer Software Pioneer Mark Zimmer interviewed by Maximilian Schönherr,1996

Frank Casanova


  • Director of QuickTime

Andrea Pessino


World of Warcraft for Blizzard

Nathan M. Harris

Steve Cooper


Steve is co-founder of Curious Labs, now e frontier

Susan Kitchens

Susan's blog: 2020 Hindsight

Susan at friendsfeed

Athena Kekenes

Athena on Behance

Ken Musgrave

Ken "Doc Mojo" Musgrave

CEO of Pandromeda, Inc.

2020Hidsight:Dell Hell, A Man Named Ken Musgrave, and No Concession to the Hated User

Christopher Cowan

Derry Journal newspaper group

as graphic designer for the newspapers – he does not take any resposnibility for the website design.

Marcel Magis
Steff Fehrle

New Thinkland

Nudelsuppes Welt: Kai Krause über Douglas Adams, Juli 2006

New Thinkland

Adrian Mendoza


Dieter Heise


a German-style bakery in San Francisco


Thanks to Stefan Werner and Christopher Cowan for providing some background information.

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