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History of GUIs

Kopien aus verschiedenen Videos von H. Oberquelle

PAL, 2-5 konvertiert von NTSC

Kay, Alan

Doing With Images Makes Symbols: Communicating with Computers Apple 1987 1 97' google video
(I. Sutherland) Reporter: Fitch, J.


CHI 1983 2 24' 1:37'
Engelbart, D.C., English, W. K.

A Research Center for Augmenting Human Intellect (Historic Video)

CSCW 1994 3 21' 2:01'
Smith, D.C., Irby, Ch.

Xerox Star User Interface: An Overview

CHI 1990 4 17' 2:22'
Myers, R., Zeller, B. Silicon Graphics WorkSpace CHI 1990 5 5' 2:39'

Tog on Software Design


Tognazzini, Bruce <Tog>


SUN Starfire page at AskTog

CHI ’98


Ishii, H., Wisneski, C., Brave, S., Dahley, A., Gorbet, M., Ullmer, B., Yarin, P. ambientROOM: Integrating Ambient Media with Architectural Space CHI 1998 1 5:30 3:10

Kasabach, Ch., Pacione, Ch., Stivoric, J., Gemperle, F., Siewiorek, D. Digital Ink: A Familiar Idea with Technological Might! CHI 1998 2 8:30 8:30 EA
Rauterberg, M., Fjeld, M., Krueger, H., Bichsel, M., Leonhardt, U., Meier, M. BUILD-IT: A Planning Tool for Construction and Design. CHI 1998 3 4:20 17:00
Misawa, J., Osada, J. The Information Periscope 'I-Steer' CHI 1998 4 4:37 21:30
Matoba, H. Digital Fukuwarai: New Game Concept Using Live Videos CHI 1998 5 5:36 26:30
Sundblad, O., Sundblad, Y. OLGA - A Multimodal Interactive Information Assistant CHI 1998 6 6:48 32:00
Nation, D.A. WebTOC: A Tool to Visualize and Quantify Web Sites Using a Hierarchical Table of Contents Browser CHI 1998 7 5:40 39:00 WWW
Plaisant, C., Marchionini, G., Komlodi, A. Bringing Treasures to the Surface: Previews and Overviews in a Prototype for the Library of Congress National Digital Libarary CHI 1998 8 7:30 44:40
Kandogan, E., Shneiderman, B. Using Elastic Windows for World-Wide Web Browsing CHI 1998 9 5:05 52:20 WWW
Hussam, A., Ford, B., Hyde, J., Merayyan, A., Plummer, B., Anderson, T. Semantic Highlighting CHI 1998 10 7:58 57:50
Bellamy, R., Genevro, E., Houde, S., Leahy, L., Young, G. Developing a Community Internet CHI 1998 11 14:22 1:05:55
Masui, T. An Efficient Text Input Method for Pen-based Computers CHI 1998 12 2:06 1:20:20 EA
Gorbet, M., Orth, M., Ishii, H. Triangles: Tangible Interface for Manipulation and Expoloration of Digital Information Topography CHI 1998 13 2:00 1:22:30
Lange, B.M., Jones, M.A., Meyers, J.L. Insight Lab: An Immersive Environment Utilizing Barcodes to Link Paper, Displays, and Data CHI 1998 14 1:34 1:24:40
Myers, B. Scripting Graphical Applications by Demonstration CHI 1998 15 2:08 1:26:30
Kawachiya, K., Ishikawa, H. NaviPoint: An Input Device for Mobile Information Browsing CHI 1998 16 2:37 1:28:50 EA
Paulos, E., Canny, J. PRoP: Personal Roving Presence CHI 1998 17 2:12 1:31:30

Adobe Speakers Series


Tognazzini, Bruce <Tog>

Missed Opportunities in the Midst of Success

Adobe 2000


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Dubberly, H. / Mitsch, D.

Knowledge Navigator




5' 45"

Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox

wikipedia: Knowledge Navigator

also on CHI ’92 tape


Future Shock




11' 54"

 Mac Essentials, 29. Juli 2005
Future Shock: gesturesFuture Shock: gesturesFuture Shock: glasses with subtitlesFuture Shock: e-learning

Apple Information Manager




on MultiMedia Reference and Learning video disk

David Curbow, David Canfield Smith Last public demo of Xerox Star Xerox 1999

631 MB

Please don't distribute this outside of Sun [David Curbow, 28 Jan 2003]

mid-res version at DigiBarn: Video on the Xerox Star 8010 Professional Workstation

Hermann Maurer Technological Dreams & Nightmares – An Outlook To The (Near) Future ISNM Lübeck 2005 59'
Ivan Sutherland An Evening with Ivan Sutherland at the Computer History Museum Computer History Museum 2005 10_19_05_IVAN SUTHERLAND.wmv 123MB 90' An Evening with Ivan Sutherland at the Computer History Museum (partial transcript)
Ivan Sutherland On Leadership Sun Microsystems 2006/2010 59'