Apple Logo Future Shock by Apple Computer 1988

Log: link fixes 1/2024

There are a couple videos in the public domain space now for which I take credit to have preserved them from fading away. One of them is Future Shock by Apple (1988).
I remember when I found this video on a Quicktime demo CD in the early 1990s. It made a huge impression on me. Gesture and voice interaction, as well as an early predecessor of google glass (which is history by itself now).

Some concepts look like clever predictions while others are still not realized. But this misses the point. Vision videos do not aim to predict the future – they portrait a possible future scenario, and open the discussion whether this is desirable and feasible. To this extend, vision video drive innovation.

Future Shock (11' 53")

Alternative Download:
Future Shock at YouTube (9' 50") – 2 minutes missing!??

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