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ChronoAtlas is a web portal to access more than 1,200 historical maps dating from 17th to 19th century that have been provided under CC0 by the Leibniz Institut für Länderkunde. Discover new continents and oceans by browsing 62 GByte of scanned maps and 4 MByte of metadata.

The collection consists of historical maps of 17C and 18C. There are city maps, transportation maps, topographical maps, strategic military maps, sea maps, world maps and even astronomical maps of the stars and the moon. About 1.400 maps have been digitised with high quality and released under creative commons zero.
The maps are accompanied with metadata and tagged with a controlled geographic vocabulary. Each map has been rectified with geo coordinates that are used to place the map on it correct location on the globe.

Open ChronoAtlas or Chronoscope World

A Brief Usage Manual

  1. Maps and meta data need screen space. Hence mobile devices are only the second best idea to browse ChronoAtlas. If possible, use a desktop-browser with a large monitor.
  2. The Zoom buttons send the maps always to the same tab. Therefore it is possible to move this tab to a second monitor to display and study the 10K scans in full detail. Alt-Click the Zoom button to open a new tab.

    left: Ansicht (View) / right: Zoom

  3. All meta data has not been translated into English. But you are clever enough to find your way.
  4. A note for Safari. By default the browser search function looks for beginnings of words, e.g. if you look for "Europa" you won’t find "Osteuropa".

    You might get better results if you switch on "Contains" as depicted above. Yes, the loupe is a menu!
  5. browse, discover and have fun!
A Walk-Through

Slides on SpeakerDeck | German edition


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