User Experience 2004, AmsterdamNielsenNormanGroup User Experience 2004 – Trip Report

Amsterdam, Nov 1-3, 2004

Closing Panel: Your Questions Answered

Jakob Nielsen, Don Norman, Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini, and Hoa Loranger; Main Event, Nov 3, 2004


As the floor opens, conference participants get an opportunity to respond to the talks, raise questions, and voice their visions and concerns for the state and future of usability. If past years are any indication, this will be a spirited, provocative discussion--and one not to be missed.

Some notes and highlights

Don Norman: There is a difference between good design and great design. Follow the official trails and you’ll create good products. If you aim for great products, you can have either a great success or a great failure.

Tog: If you are great, go for it!