User Experience 2004, AmsterdamNielsenNormanGroup User Experience 2004 – Trip Report

Amsterdam, Nov 1-3, 2004

 Teenagers on the Web: Creating Compelling Websites

Hoa Loranger, talk at Main Event, Nov 3, 2004


Teenagers are spending more time on the Web than ever before. Whether they're online to socialize, research, download music, or just peruse, many teens are trading their televisions for the Web. Although Web popularity is soaring among teens, little is known about their perception of the websites they encounter. Many site designs are based on guesses about teen preferences, but few researchers have actually discovered how teenagers behave on the Web or what they actually need or want. In this presentation, Loranger shares findings from Nielsen Norman Group's recent work with teens. She'll discuss which design elements help them accomplish their tasks, what influences their user experience, and what gets them jaded.

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Hoa reports the results of a usability study with 38 participants (age 13-17) on websites.

Methods used are thinking aloud and lab & site visits.