HCI Visions in Cinema

Metropolis (1927)

1' 09" (snippet) :: Play

Gustav Fröhlich and Heinrich George having a video call.

Disclosure (1994)

VR and gestures :: Play snippet

Antitrust (2000)

German title: Startup, 4' 05" (snippet)

ambient UI. The music and art changes according to the people in the room.

Play digital canvas scene

The 6th Day (2000)

the famous intelligent 'fridge to display news and order milk

Minority Report (2002)

3' 09" (snippet)

gesture based UI

Avatar (2010)

holographic displays

Her (2013)

voice UI, A.I., and holographic displays

Ex Machina (by Alax Garland 2015)

A.I. develops a conscious mind and escapes out of the lab.

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