of Hypertext and Graphical User Interfaces


of Vision and Reality of Hypertext and Graphical User Interfaces

Amaya Charles McCathieNevile / et al.* * This footnote is dedicated to the Unknown Software Engineer. It requires a lot more bright and talented people to develop and test software than can be listed here.: W3C, 1996 until today
Bravo Charles Simonyi / Tom Maloy: Xerox Parc, 1974-1976
Bryce Eric Wenger / Kai Krause / Phil Clevenger: MetaCreations Corp., 1994-1999
Concordia Janet H. Walker: Symbolics Inc., 1985
Document Examiner dto.
Finder Bruce Horn / Steve Capps: Apple Computer, Inc., 1982 until today
FrameMaker Frame Technology Corp., 1986-1995; Adobe Systems Inc., 1995 until today
Fress Andries van Dam: Brown University, 1968-mid-70s
GoLive GoLive Systems, 1996-1998; Adobe Systems Inc., 1999 until today
Guide Peter Brown: University of Kent at Canterbury, 1982 (marketed by OYce Workstations Ltd. since 1986)
Hes Andries van Dam / Ted Nelson: Brown University, 1968
HyperCard, HyperTalk Bill Atkinson / Dan Winkler: Apple Computer, Inc., 1987-mid-90s
Hyper-G/HyperWave, Harmony Hermann Maurer / Frank Kappe / Keith Andrews: IICM at Graz University of Technology and University of Auckland in New Zealand, early 1989-1996
Hyperties Ben Shneiderman / Dan Ostroff: HCIL at University of Maryland, 1983 (marketed by Cognetics Corp. since 1987)
Intermedia Nicole Yankelovich / Norman K. Meyrowitz / Paul Kahn / Bernard J. Haan / Victor A. Riley / James H. Coombs: IRIS at Brown University, 1985-1990
Internet Explorer Microsoft Corp., 1995 until today
Lisa Desktop Manager Dan Smith Keller / Frank E. Ludolph / Bill Atkinson: Apple Computer, Inc., 1981-1983
MacPaint Bill Atkinson: Apple Computer, Inc., 1984-
Microcosm Wendy Hall: University of Southampton, 1990 until today
Mosaic Marc Andreesen / Eric Bina: NCSA, 1993
MS-Dos Microsoft Corp., 1981 until 1990s
Navigator/ Communicator Marc Andreesen: Netscape Communications Corp., 1994 until today
NLS/Augment Doug Engelbart / Bill English: Stanford Research Institute, Menlo Park, CA, 1960s-1977; Tymshare Corp. 1977-1984; McDonnell Douglas Corp. 1984-
NoteCards Randall H. Trigg / Thomas P. Moran / Frank G. Halasz : Xerox Parc, 1985
PageMaker Paul Brainard: Aldus Corp., 1986-1994, Adobe Systems Inc., 1994-2000
Photoshop Thomas Knoll / Marc Hamburg: Adobe Systems Inc., 1989 until today
Sdms Nicholas Negroponte / Richard A. Bolt: MIT, 1971-1977
Sketchpad Ivan E. Sutherland, 1963
Sketchpad III Timothy Johnson, 1963
Smalltalk Alan Curtis Kay / Daniel H. H. Ingalls: Xerox Parc, 1972-1980
Squeak Daniel H. H. Ingalls / Alan Curtis Kay: Apple Computer, Inc., 1996-98; Walt Disney Imagineering, 1998 until today; Learning Research Institute (lri), 2001. (Nov 2001)* * URLs may be uniform rather than being universal and persistent. This is why I provide the date of last successful visiting the page.
Star David Canfield Smith / Charles Irby: Xerox Parc, 1976 until early 1980s
Storyspace Mark Bernstein / Michael Joyce: University of North Carolina; Eastgate Systems, 1990
Windows Microsoft Corp., 1985 until today (Windows 3.0 since 1990)
Wais Brewster Kahle: Thinking Machines, 1989
Word Charles Simonyi: Microsoft Corp., early 1980s until today
WorldWideWeb/Nexus Tim Berners-Lee / Robert Cailliau: CERN, Geneva, 1990
Xanadu Ted Nelson: 1960 until today

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