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User Experience Newsletter #17, September 2007

Dear User Experience Forum,

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This is the User Experience Forum by numbers. Though, I'd like to have a more engaging visualization. In fact, I pat on your virtual shoulders to express my thanks for the community experience behind the pure numbers.
Please continue to share your insights and participate in the discussions.

This newsletter features “A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods”. It's a wonderful collection and classification of different chart types for very different occasions:

I found it via Guy Kawasaki's blog, which itself contains a colorful example for a mind map created by Martha McGinnis:

Some other favorites of mine are

Category Periodic Table

Category Metro Map: User-Centered Design of Digital Products

Category Metro Map: Web Trend Map

Category Metro Map: Web Trend Map v4

Category: Knowledge Map

What's your highlights? Please post them as response to this newsletter.


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