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Matthias Müller-Prove /mprove/ is an independent interaction designer and human computer interactivist. He is an experienced public speaker and author on the areas of innovation, interaction design, and media theory. Matthias shares his insights and methodology of 20+yrs designing professional desktop, web, and mobile interfaces for international operating companies at design and brand institutes.

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Inventions and ideas are fairly easy compared to success in the market. You need both sides for innovative products and services. Understanding the user and customer is key to sucess.

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I’ve been a "senior software development product manager" and "user experience principal" at Oracle. Due to the acquisition of Sun, I am also the "last user experience architect of Sun Microsystems ever". Here are a few resources that I find extremeley relevant and inspiring in order to position a design team in an organization and to develop a strategy for the business.

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The user experience design approach does not need to be limited to digital products and services. UX Thinking can be applied to live events (conference experience), communities (social experience), exhibitions (scenography), companies (employer branding, feel-good management), cities (urban ux), and much more…

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Digital technology is becoming part of our human culture like reading and writing. As we are in the midst of the revolution, my aim is to understand, comment and drive the shift. Computer and information science is – more than ever – a social science. We develop systems for people. Therefore, we are responsible for the consequences on our culture. This is what it means to be a human computer interactivist.

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